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A Free To Download Amazon Buying App

The Amazon BuyVIP app allows you to gain access to discounts and offers for items on Amazon (the famous online shopping website). The offers are generated by Amazon sellers who are independent companies that are only using Amazon as a selling platform and are not part of the Amazon Company itself.

A Shopping App With An Unusual System

Most shopping apps will show you the products first and then tell you about the brand but the Amazon BuyVIP app works differently. You are given a long and beautifully designed list of branded companies with their associated logos and graphically enhanced images. Instead of picking the products you pick the brand you wish to view discounts on. You then look through their offers to see what you would like to buy through the app. The app is very minimalist. It only features white boxes with faint grey edges. The boxes are populated with either brand names/graphics or products. The only time you see tools such as a checkout is if you choose to buy and you are whisked over to the Amazon checkout.

The App Makes Shopping A Funnel Experience

The Amazon BuyVIP makes shopping a funnel experience because you navigate by moving from a very large list to a shorter one to a shorter one until you have picked your product and are ready to buy. Shopping has never been easier especially if you are looking for companies that are offering discounts.


  • It displays offers and discounts without you having to search for them
  • There is nothing to learn you click the boxes and buy stuff
  • Some companies offer discounts as high as 70per cent


  • Searching for a single product is not as easy as it is with other Amazon shopping apps
  • It is more suited for casual shoppers who are in no rush to buy
  • The VIP element of BuyVIP seems to have attracted high-priced sellers


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Amazon BuyVIP


Amazon BuyVIP 3.39.0 for Android


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